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About Kilookas

Kilookas is a company dedicated to the health and care of your pet. All of Kilookas's products are of the highest quality and are safe to use on your pets. The courses held by Kilookas use the latest techniques in pet health care and are taught by trained professionals. This is why Kilookas is the top choice for all your pet care needs.

Inspired by her cats Kiloo and Lookas, Chantale founded and developed Kilookas, to share her knowledge with pet lovers and professionals working with animals. Kilookas specializes in first aid products and courses for Dogs, Cats, Birds and Exotic animals. All of Kilookas products are designed for use by both pet owners and animal professionals.

Chantale Robinson is a Biologist, Veterinary Technician, Message Practitioner and Teacher with over 15 years of experience working and caring for animals. She has extensive background in animal care and emergency. She is also the author of "First Aid for Cats and Dogs" which is available in Canada and Europe and "Mon animal mange t-il bien" (FV) soon available in English.


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