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First aid kit for cats and dogs

Your quality kit contains materials that are safe to use on pets.

• Easy to open resistible plastic box.
• Kilookas instructions and first aid tips
• Rectal glass thermometer in C and F (with normal values for reference)
• Stainless steel bandage scissors. These scissors are durable and specially designed to cut bandage material. It can be used close to the skin without causing injury.
• Non-irritating latex gloves.
• Sterile sponges (2in x 2in) and (3in x 3in) for wound dressing.
• Conforming bandage; for compresses (to stop bleeding) and to use for wounds and/or fractures.
• Cohesive flexible pastel color bandage that is safe to use on pets and will not cut blood circulation. A must for compresses bandages.
• Non sticky and hypoallergenic adhesive tape. Very practical to help secure bandages and tape together wooden sticks to make temporary splints for a fractured limb.
• Sterile eye pads for eye injuries. These pads are specially made to cover and protect the eye until you can seek veterinary care.
• Sterile disinfectant pads for topical use (skin). Safe to use on animals.
• Sterile antiseptic / germicide pads for topical use (skin) Safe to use on animals.
• Non-adherent sterile antiseptic sponge for wound dressing ( helps prevent infection)
• Cotton applicators to disinfect small-bite wounds or abrasions
• Refillable glucose bag for weak animals suffering from hypoglycemic emergencies.
• Refillable Sodium (salt) bag for poisoning emergencies of ingested substances.
• Refillable cornstarch bag for bleeding toenails.
• Oral mix solution ( amino acid and electrolytes) to help prevent dehydration
• Oral plastic bottle for administering water or other substances advised by veterinarians and poison centers.
• Wooden stick to make temporally splinters when a fracture is suspected.

This kit was created by the author of First Aid for Dogs and Cats (Chantale Robinson)

NOTE: This kit is designed to provide the tools you will need to help an animal in an emergency situation or accident. This kit is not a replacement for veterinary care.

Our price: $26.99 (Applicable taxes & shipping extra)

For ordering information contact Kilookas at (514) 830-2387 or emal: sales@kilookas.com.

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