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Pure Aloe Vera First Aid Gel 60 grams

Perfect addition to your first aid kit! Or Homeopathic First Aid Kit!

Safe to use on dogs, cats and birds.

USE: For topical use on skin, toe pads, nose, and scrotum.

Non sticky, odor free and non toxic if licked

Excellent for burns (ex: foot pads, electrical burns to mouth, frostbite to nose or toe pads, scrotum), cuts, scratches, surface wounds, animal bites, insect bites, rashes due to allergies, sunburn (pet's nose).

  • Aloe Vera helps prevent bacterial infection
  • reduces swelling
  • relieves pain
  • accelerates the healing process and regeneration of burned tissue

Cost: $10.00 Canadian

Add to first aid kit order: Stethescope

Pratical for animal care handlers (groomers, boarding homes, trainers)

Cost: $22.00 Canadian

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