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Dog & Cat First Aid Kit

In the event of an emergency are you prepared to provide first aid for your animal? Accidents and emergency situations always occur when you least expect them. Owning your very own first aid kit is your first step in providing first aid for your pet until you can seek veterinary care.
Dog & Cat Homeopathic First Aid Kit
Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic and safe to use on animals. This is a starter kit to help relieve symptoms from allergies and traumatic injuries. A perfect addition to primary first aid kit!
Bird First Aid Kit with Homeopathic Remedies This is a starter kit to help relieve symptoms due to traumatic injuries and provides the necessary bandage material to apply first aid.
Pure Aloe Vera First Aid Gel (60 grams) Perfect addition to any of our first aid kits. Safe to use on cats, dogs, and birds.

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